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Wouldn’t your job as Christian parents and homeschool educators be so much easier if your homeschool materials supported you? At BJU Press Homeschool, we are dedicated to providing parents with homeschool resources that can become a part of their success story. 

We create textbooks based on a Creation, Fall, Redemption model that shows children God’s purpose for the world. At Creation, God gave us His original purpose for His world. In the Fall, that purpose was corrupted and it changed course. But God intends to fully redeem His world and set it back on course. This model repeats throughout the Bible and in every subject your children will study in their homeschool.

But our homeschool resources go beyond biblically-based textbooks. We also provide daily video lessons for all of our materials. For our video lessons, we select trained, godly teachers who have a heart for Christian education.

With a complete K4–12 curriculum, you can pack every day of your homeschool with learning opportunities. What’s more, you can embrace all the flexibility of homeschooling and still use our materials. Whether you’re using our textbooks or video lessons, you decide when you homeschool, how you homeschool, and how long you homeschool. All the while, you’re fully supported with strategies for each of your young learners so that they can learn to think critically and truly enjoy learning.

Learn more about BJU Press Homeschool materials visit our website and find out how we can serve you best!

Join the BJU Press Homeschool Team for a party!

Can’t make it to a local event this year? Join the BJU Press Homeschool Team online via Facebook for the same experience and discounts. You’ll hear from experienced homeschool moms, meet BJU Press Homeschool staff, watch live product demos, ask our consultants questions, be entered into drawings for giveaways, and so much more!

A team of HomeWorks Consultants will be hosting the party, led by veteran homeschool mom, Eujeana Chism! Eujeana will come to you live each day to take you on tours, give you product demonstrations, and answer your questions.

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