Ann Troast is the founder of Four Square Community – a Charlotte Mason-inspired homeschool co-op, and the author of The Book of Centuries: A Personal Timeline of History with her husband, Matt.

After teaching in an elementary classroom for several years, she traded up to become a now-veteran homeschool mom.

In 2016, she founded Four Square Community, which has now grown to over 500 local students. Four Square offers academic and enrichment classes for students in preschool through high school. 

Beginning in 2019, her husband, Matt, joined her in leading and serving the growing Four Square Community. He brings twenty years of traditional classroom experience ranging from preschool through university.

In 2022, Ann and Matt created Without Doors, a unique Charlotte Mason curriculum inspired by the successful lessons at Four Square Community. Using Without Doors has revitalized their homeschool and their hope is that it does the same for yours.

Ann is passionate about sparking JOY in home education, one family at a time, and is grateful for God’s goodness and faithfulness and give Him all the glory!

Watch Ann Troast’s 2023 roundtable session with Nancy Manos and Ana Willis, “Veteran Homeschool Moms Answer Your Questions.” 

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