Yvette Hampton and Aby Rinella: Closing Session – Go Forth: What Do We Do NOW? 

Parenting, discipleship, and home education are high callings and huge responsibilities. Yvette Hampton and Aby Rinella close out the conference with encouragement on what homeschool parents should do now that they are armed with the knowledge and resources they have gathered throughout the week. This final session will offer opportunities for attendees to ask questions, and will bring the wisdom and peace necessary for you to point your children to Christ, build a solid Biblical worldview in yourself and in them, teach effectively, preserve your marriage, manage your homes, and approach child-rearing and discipline issues with a heart-centered focus that will result in confident, biblically-minded, wise, well-balanced adults.

Watch Yvette and Aby’s 2020 session, “10 Steps to Homeschooling with EXCELLENCE.”

Listen to Yvette and Aby on the Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast.

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