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Free Homeschool Videos:

We Love homeschooling families! In an effort to encourage you, as you teach your children at home, we have made 7 of our homeschooling videos (over 9 hours!) FREE to watch online.

EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED! For the first time, many have been faced with one of the greatest decisions of their parenting lives. How will they educate their children? Will they continue to send them to school during this time of COVID-19 restrictions, masks, and social distancing? Will they sit them in front of a computer screen for hours of ZOOM virtual classes? Or will they withdraw them completely and HOMESCHOOL and test the waters of real, parent-directed education at home.

Off to a Great Start! Getting Started in Homeschooling – with Kristi Clover

Curious about how to homeschool? Are you Just starting out and in need of some direction and encouragement? Already homeschooling, but off to a shaky start? Join the author of Homeschool Basics, Kristi Clover and Yvette Hampton as they give you practical advice and heart-felt encouragement as you begin. This is a perfect session for parents whose children attend school but are facing school closures due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Get Homeschool Basics: How to Get Started, Keep Motivated, and Bring Out the Best in Your Kids, by Kristy Clover.

Why Homeschooling Matters – Getting to the Heart of Homeschooling, with Aby Rinella

“Why am I doing this homeschool thing?” How many times do we ask ourselves this question?

It is crucial to know our ‘why’ because that is what keeps us rooted and grounded when hard days come and we feel unqualified and overwhelmed (sound familiar?)
However, knowing our ‘why’ isn’t always enough, we must have the right why in order to stay the course.

Come and join Aby Rinella as she discusses the heart of homeschool and the greatest ‘why’ of all. This session is for all homeschool parents; the new homeschool mom that is just now discovering her why as well as the mom that has been doing it so long she may have lost her ‘why’ along the way.

However Imperfectly: Lessons Learned from Thirty Years of Teaching – Andrew Pudewa

Join Andrew Pudewa as he shares many humorous experiences (and painful lessons) he has learned over thirty years of teaching and homeschooling, including: It’s hard not to do to your kids what was done to you; process over product; all kids are different; “progressive” education doesn’t mean progress; what real “college and career readiness” is; and two secret keys to successful teaching. You will be challenged or reassured (or both!) but sure to leave with an expanded vision of your calling as a home educator.