Thank you for attending the 2020 Homegrown Generation Family Expo. Please enjoy these helpful homeschool resources. Click every picture to access the resources individually. (Don’t forget to read the descriptions. Some require coupon codes!)

“Learn to Write a Screen Play”, from Lights Camera Movie

Take the first steps to make your story come alive. Learn how to write a screenplay from start to finish with lessons guiding you every step of the writing and storytelling process. 

$50 dollar Value 
The Last Archer Audiobook, by S. D. Smith

Enjoy a free audiobook from S.D. Smith, author of The Green Ember series!

The Last Archer is a Green Ember story set during Heather and Picket’s arrival at Cloud Mountain, The Last Archer follows the journey of Jo Shanks. Jo is a gifted archer with a burden on his back and a fire within. Eager to see the Longtreaders receive justice, he travels from his
Halfwind Citadel home to a Cloud Mountain poised on the brink of war. What he finds there will confront his convictions and test his resolve as the war begins and King Jupiter’s heir is revealed.
Math Manipulatives
Math manipulatives don’t need to be complicated! Here is a very simple math manipulative kit that is every bit as effective as the expensive, commercial kits. You probably have most of the items you’ll need around your house already, except for the printables.
Ten Frames, Base Ten Set, including a 3D hundreds cube, Practice Clock, Hundreds Chart (1 blank and 1 filled in), Fraction Strips (whole through 1/12), Fraction Circles (whole through 1/16), Printable list of the items you’ll need from around your house, like coins, craft sticks, dice and counters.
CTCMath Free Trial
Your Child’s Online Math Curriculum

• For children in grades K-12
• Great for catch up, for keeping up, and for moving ahead
• Your kids learn at their pace, not somebody else’s
• Start getting better grades now!

Enjoy your FREE Trial of CTCMath
CTCMath will teach your child to understand math. 

And you’ll start seeing results as early as the very first lesson!
Teaching Textbooks Free Trial

Each 3.0 Free Trial is a complete version of our program up through Lesson 15. This means you will have access to our lectures, our audiovisual solutions (to each problem), our eBook, and our automated grading feature. Moreover, there is no time limit for completing the trial. It never expires! There are also no limits to the number of products you can try! And if you decide to purchase the full version, all of your grades will transfer and all of your student’s progress will be saved!
Daily Reflection Journal

This journal has simple prompts of things to consider each day to help you reflect on the day and process its events. There are also daily verses and spiritual quotes to ponder for 31 days, so you can reprint each month.
Girls Created to Shine 12 Week Bible Study 

Girls Created to Shine is a 12-week Course in God’s Word, Today’s Issues, Hands-on Application for your 8-12 year old girl. It will help you equip your daughter to pursue her identity in Christ as she grows into a teen – working from the heart outward!
Seven Biblical Insights for Healthy, Joyful, Christ-Centered Marriages, By Scott LaPierre

Enjoy this free ebook from Scott LaPierre, author of Marriage God’s Way and Homegrown Generation Expo speaker.
Caleb Schroeder on Homeschooling and Discipleship  – 30 minute video and FREE 3-Month Schoolhouse Rocked Backstage Pass Membership

Enjoy this inspiring conversation with Caleb Schroeder, a homeschool dad who was homeschooled himself. In this interview Caleb talks about the importance of dads in homeschooling, and gives great advice to dads wanting to learn to disciple their kids. We had the privilege of interviewing Caleb and his wife Leah, also a homeschool grad, in California. While their homeschool educations were relatively unstructured, they both went on to get college degrees (Caleb is working on his second master’s degree). Caleb is a public school teacher and adjunct college professor, Leah homeschools their six children.
However Imperfectly, by Andrew Pudewa of IEW (Just pay shipping.)

As IEW’s founder and principal speaker, Andrew Pudewa has spent the last three decades speaking and writing about issues related to teaching, writing, thinking, spelling, and music with clarity, insight, practical experience, and humor. These 50+ articles define not only the lessons learned, but exemplify wisdom gained from readings, mentors, and adventures while teaching and traveling the globe.

Use Coupon Code: HGVSB20

Coupon expiration date:  12/30/20
10 Best FREE Homeschool Printables You Need To Start Homeschooling

10 Printable Bundle
1. A Charlotte Mason Homeschool Guide
2. Morning Routine Checklist Templates.
3. Chores & Homeschool Checklist Templates
4. 10 Habits of a Highly Encouraged Mom Guide
5. Moms’ Bible Journal
6. 30 Ways We Homeschool eBook
7. Your Homeschool Blueprint eBook
8. Thanksgiving Bible Journaling Printable
9. 30 Days of Gratitude Scripture Cards Printable Set
10. Gratitude Scriptures Calendar
FREE Elections and Constitution Activity e-Book from Apologia

In this free resource, your family will enjoy the following:
• Important documents in United States History research activity
• Preamble to the U.S. Constitution art project
• Constitution word search
• Mapping activity
Bonus Printable! Three Branches of Government mini-poster
• Over 30 pages of educational, entertaining, and engaging activities for children ages 4 and up. Ready to print and use!
• Qualifications for President research activity
• Three Branches of Government hands-on project
• Scripture copywork pages from Galatians and 2 Corinthians
• Bonus Printable! Electoral College Tracking Map
• Bonus Printable! Pledge of Allegiance mini-poster
• Bonus Printable! Pledge of Allegiance mini-poster
• Much more!
Writing Prompt of the Day Subscription

Do you need a supply of homeschool writing topics for your children, tweens, and teens? Do you forget to have daily journal time even though you want to develop the habit?

WriteShop has a solution for you! We’ve organized our most humorous, engaging, and thoughtful writing prompts into a series of emails, delivered for free every day, Monday through Friday, for 48 weeks. 
Under Drake’s Flag, by G. A. Henty – Historical Audiobook

Free Download of an unabridged recording of the G. A. Henty historical novel Under Drake’s Flag, read by Jim Hodges.
Constitution Unit Study
Give your kids a crash course in American civics with this free two-week unit study.

• Learn how the United States of America gained strength as a nation through the formation and ratification of the Constitution. 
• Head to Philadelphia and observe the wranglings of the framers as they argued over how to structure the new government. 
• Meet Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, and other figures from history who may be new to you, such as Roger Sherman and Gouverneur Morris. 
• Learn what was missing from the Constitution and how amendments addressed some of those problems. 
• Learn how a president is elected, why the framers devised the Electoral College, and how the three branches of government work together.

Ebook – Risk Management for the Homeschool Mom

If your family were to face a crisis would you be ready? You can be like the Proverbs 31 woman by taking a few steps to plan ahead for your home and homeschool. I will walk you through the steps to help you identify what needs to go in your risk management plan and help you create a family medical notebook.
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Geography Activity Pack

Students will explore every independent country in the world plus discover the most significant mountains, deserts, rivers, and lakes with this 116-page Geography Activity Pack. Use coupon code HOMEGROWN to get it for FREE! 
30-Days of Joy Bible Journaling Starter Kit

The 30-Days of Joy Bible Journaling Starter Kit includes a 30 day Bible reading plan, journal prompts sheet, 3 illustration ideas sheets, margin strips, Bible verse coloring cards and videos to guide you through the process of Bible journaling.  This starter kit is great for the busy mom who wants to slow down her quiet time and soak in the Word.  It is also a great tool to teach children how to Bible journal and connect with God in a more creative way.  We use it in our homeschool with children between the ages of 5 – 13 with great success.  
Ultimate All Purpose Homeschool & Character Trait Planner  

The Ultimate Homeschool & Character Trait Planner. Quick forms to print for year round planning by a veteran homeschool mom of over thirty years. Forms include planning, 4-Square (TM) Planning method, transcripts, 4-year high school planner, kids planning, copy work, gift buying, household master grocery list and cleaning and so much more. Awareness is the focus character trait with many printables as well. 121 pages.
The Genius Guide to Homeschool Learning Using the World as Your Textbook

Gain maximum impact before, during and after your museum field trips with this online course. Learn how to find and save on family days out and learning community field trips. Use coupon code HMGRN20 and get this $20 course for FREE.
The Homeschool Garden Morning Time Plans – Resurrection 

Resurrection is a special set of morning time plans for the time leading up to the celebration of our Savior’s victory over death.

Included are the following:

4 week calendar schedule, Copywork selections from God’s Love Even For Sinners (The Prodigal Son) , 2 poetry selections, The hymn Nothing but the Blood and the folksong Simple Gifts , 2 Teatimes, Artist history and 4 art selections from Rembrandt, Composer biography of Muzio Clementi and four music selections, Handicraft, Art lesson, Nature Study, Geography, Shakespeare, Memory work, Recommended reading list for further learning, and a Special object lesson recipe for Resurrection celebrations!
Introductory Science Workbook Level B (PDF)

The Introductory Science Workbook Level B is the student companion to the Introductory Science Video Course. It features daily workbook questions and activities to reinforce concepts learned in the video lessons. Level B is recommended for ages 9-11.
Meet Thales: The Father of Western Philosophy

The study includes:

Philosopher Biography, Notebooking Page, Creative Writing Exercise, Mapping Assignment, Memory Cards, and more!

With this study, your middle and high school students can explore the first lesson of Philosophy Adventure™ absolutely FREE.

Philosophy Adventure™ is designed to help students 6th-12th grade develop and defend a biblical worldview by teaching them how to write skillfully, think critically, and speak clearly as they explore the history of ideas!
Take Time For Art

Get 20% off any art materials packs with the code artfun1.  Buy 3 packs and receive free shipping. 

Take Time for Art is the most fun you’ll ever have studying history, art history, and hands-on art.  We are a video stream art curriculum that desires to make your history unit studies and curriculum come alive.  We teach from a Christian worldview, have projects for multiple ages, and are easy for homeschool families to use.  Our art materials packs have everything your’ll need except basic things like scissors, tape, and glue.  We make hands-on art easy, relevant, and fun! 
Critical Technology Boundaries for Children and Teens (6 hour class)

Gain tips and strategies for setting effective tech boundaries for your children, while finding sanity-saving ideas to stop the battles and win the war. Not only that, you’ll find expert advice to avoid mistakes that you may already be making.
Prayer Journal: A 90-Day Prayer Journal For Moms (Printable)

Please use coupon code: EXPO2020

A perfect compliment to your daily devotions, this Prayer Journal for Moms will help guide your prayer time as the Holy Spirit prompts your heart with a scripture and opens it up to you. Includes daily reflections such as Scripture Focus, Focused Prayer, Revealed Word, Thankful Heart, Prayer Requests and Praise Reports.