Printable Conference Guide

Plan and organize your sessions and notes with this printable conference guide.

• Sessions schedule and checklist
• Notes pages for each day’s sessions.
• Additional homeschooling resources from the Schoolhouse Rocked Team
Homeschooling Through High School: Finish Strong!

High school is an exciting time to homeschool your teen! During the high school years, your teen isn’t just fulfilling homeschool graduation requirements; high school is also a time to explore areas of interest further. How do we prepare our students for the more advanced courses in high school? What should we focus on to help them succeed in high school and beyond? These and many other questions are a part of these four critical homeschooling years for parents and teens. Apologia has prepared a Homeschooling High School: Finish Strong! eBook, which includes information and insight from veteran homeschooling parents.

Homeschool Survival Kit

Get your Homeschool Survival Kit from the producers of Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution.

This 70+ page guide includes helpful articles, videos, and audio, for every stage of homeschooling, from pre-school to graduation. It will give you the encouragement you need to start strong and finish well! The Homeschool Survival Kit also includes an extensive directory of must-have homeschooling resources.
Get your copies of Echo in Celebration, by Classical Conversations, founder Leigh Bortins and A Dad’s Guide to Classical Education, by CEO, Robert Bortins.

From Classical Conversations
Homestead Science

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Homestead Science is a one-of-a-kind homeschool curriculum that teaches homesteading as a life science. Embrace a new way of teaching agriculture, math, homemaking, and survivalism that aspiring homesteaders of all ages can learn.
Read Just Breathe (and Take a Sip of Coffee): Homeschool in Step with God by Carrie De Francisco in your next mom’s book club.   

What’s included:
• 12 Copies of Just Breathe at 25% off ($10.00 per book plus shipping and handling)
• Just Breathe Ceramic Teal Coffee Mug for Leader
• 15 Day “Rest in the Lord” devotional companion for each member (digital download)
• Live Q & A ZOOM with Carrie and members of the book club
•Extra copies can be ordered at discounted price

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Free Art Class

The Delightful Art Co.
In this online art class, you’ll get three videos. The first is a slideshow and entertaining talk on Monet and Christian worldview by artist and classical educator, Courtney Sanford. The second two videos are like a paint party in which you can paint along at home, or just enjoy watching like a Bob Ross episode! You’ll learn how to paint Monet’s waterlilies with just a few art supplies.
Want to integrate reading aloud without sacrificing your limited time? 

You already know how essential Living Books are to a well-rounded education, but the task of incorporating “read aloud” time into your already full homeschool day can be daunting!

Audio books provide the perfect solution! Listening to Jim Hodges’ quality audio books can expand your child’s imagination, vocabulary, exposure to good literature, and knowledge of the world around them – all without your having to stop everything else to read a book aloud. And everyone is included!

Family Faith-Building Bundle

Everything you need to feed your family’s faith! This bundle has over 140 pages and is loaded with fun for the whole family! It includes various games and family activities, Bible study & devotional resources for you and your kids, practical and encouraging homeschool helps, and an exclusive bonus devotion to help you grow in gratitude.
Resurrection Celebration – Family Activity Pack Free Download

Printable Family Pack for All Ages! 12 days of activities as you journey through Scripture leading up to Resurrection Sunday! Daily

1. Mini Egg Hunt
2. Decode the Mystery Word
3. Bible Study & Discussion
4. Journal & Praise 3 Levels (pre-reader to teen)

from Grace for This Mom
E-book: 10 Ways to Pay for College as a Homeschool Family

Approaching college as a homeschool family carries some unique challenges, but also great opportunities. 10 Ways to Pay for College as a Homeschool Family was written with these distinctive needs in mind.

As part of this e-Book you’ll get:
• Specific tactics crafted to help fund higher education
• Dos and Do Nots for funding tactics
• Perspective from a homeschool father, financial planner, and independent education advocate
• Worksheets to help put specific tactics into practice for your future college graduate

From Intrepid Eagle Finance

I am a big proponent of teaching kids to read by phonics. But there are just some words that cannot be sounded out. That’s where I introduce sight words.

This MEGA Bundle includes over 570 pages of worksheets and easy readers for early readers to practice and master the Pre-Primer words on the Dolch Sight Word List.

Seven Key Components of a Christian Education

Download and print a copy of this free chart from Christian Family Reformation
and hang it on your refrigerator or some other prominent place in your home where you’ll see it every day. 😊 It’s my prayer that with the blessing of the Lord, this chart may be a frequent reminder of what’s truly important in your homeschool and family life!
How to Homeschool High School

Are you thinking about homeschooling your teen, or already doing that? This resource from BJ’s Homeschool covers 4 steps for planning your high school at home, including graduation requirements, electives, choosing your curriculum, making your transcripts, plus assigning high school credit to your teen.
Bible Bundle for Moms

Before we can give to our children, we must receive from the Lord!

This Bible Bundle for Moms will help you grow closer to the Lord as you spend time daily in His Word.

Includes: 1 Corinthians 13 Love Reminders, Bible Study Printable, Fasting for Focus Planner and Journal, Prayer List, and Praying the Word Prayer Journal

From Life as a Lifeschooler
Free eBook, downloadable activity pack, and a 60-day membership to our paid wagon community.

Your family’s next favorite read-aloud series.

Described as “The Boxcar Children” in Narnia, this new living book series follows four siblings as they go on an entrepreneurial adventure.

“The Wonderful Wandering Wagon is a fantastic tale of adventure, sibling bonding, humor, business sense, and a magical Maine Coon cat! Perfect read for the middle grade (8-12yo) reader. Highly recommend!” – J. Reese Bradley

“I feel like the author spent time in my house, listening to my children” -Myha

From Brave Hill Publications
Election Day Unit Study

Use this free unit study to introduce your children to the election process in a simple, thorough way. Want to learn about past presidents, forms of government, or how to vote? It starts with understanding the election process! This unit study covers a range of grades (ages 8-12+) and developmental levels. The 40+ pages include creative writing prompts, additional opportunities for research, coloring pages, copywork, hands-on activities, a word search, crossword puzzle, vocabulary and more. The perfect opportunity to add civics and government to your homeschool lessons.

From Sunlight Curriculum
Learning Well Journal

So many hours of our lives are spent on screens, so intentionally designed Learning Well Journal to be a print only magazine but we created a digital sample just for Homegrown Generation attendees. We want to encourage moms to take a break, sit down, and savor the words that have been so thoughtfully written and curated just for them.