Teaching the Constitution, with Rick Green

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Join Yvette Hampton, Aby Rinella, and Rick Green, LIVE, as they discuss the importance of teaching our children the Constitution. Rick will share the value of knowing the true history of our nation’s founding and the importance of our founding documents. He will also share some helpful resources for teaching the Constitution in our homes.

Rick Green is a former Texas State Representative, national speaker, author, and radio host. He travels the nation speaking for David Barton’s WallBuilders organization and Rick and David co-host the national daily radio program, WallBuilders Live! He is the author and executive producer of Constitution Alive! and the founder and president of Patriot Academy, which trains young leaders in founding principles as they participate in mock legislative sessions, held in state capitols across the nation.  He and his wife, Kara, have four kids. Chasing American Legends is a new TV show that follows their family as they investigate America’s heroes, legends, & legacies. 

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Listen to Garritt and Yvette Hampton on Wallbuilders Live! with Rick Green and David Barton.

Automated Transcript (spelling and grammar errors are guaranteed)

Yvette Hampton (00:02:58):

Hey, welcome back to the Homegrown Generation Family Expo and welcome to the Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast. We are actually doing this. This is actually a recording of the podcast, but we decided to do this when live because it was so important. We really wanted you guys to be part of it and I could not be more excited to be with my cohost Aby and with our guests today. Rick Green. Rick, I welcome you and I would love for you to introduce yourself to us.

Rick Green (00:03:26):

Well great to be with you. Thank you for what you guys do. I love right on the end of that trailer. I was thinking about that, that even the value of homeschool moms and this whole COVID crisis thing has gone through the roof. People everywhere are realizing what an amazing job our homeschool moms across the country do cause we homeschool dads have to admit you guys do most of the work without a doubt. And anyway, so I’m just thrilled to be with you and love what y’all are doing with Schoolhouse Rocked. I’m Rick Green. I’m a founder of Patriot Academy. I used to be a state rep in Texas and I’ve been with David Barton for wow, two decades now. I host his radio program (Wallbuilders Live!) and my favorite thing to do is to bring history to life and teach on the Constitution. I’m known as America’s Constitution coach, cause we try to make it fun like a sport almost in that it can be exciting and a civic duty is not something that to be afraid of. It’s something to embrace. So looking forward to sharing some of that today.

Yvette Hampton (00:04:15):

Yeah, thank you. Well, I know I’ve shared this with you before Rick. And those who have listened to the podcast, they, they know a little bit of our story about how Garritt and I said we’d never ever homeschool. And then in 2010 is, so this was 10 years ago almost, we went to our very first homeschool convention. It was in Los Angeles. It was put on by CHEA and you, Rick, were one of the keynote speakers. You were there and your son Reagan were together and you were speaking. And literally that weekend alone completely changed our view of homeschooling. And it really opened our eyes up to this incredible opportunity. We have to be able to have our kids at home with us and be able to disciple their hearts and just pour into them. And so you are really, really instrumental in our decision to homeschool. So thank you for what you do.

Rick Green (00:05:07):

That’s cool. Thank you. I’m sure it was something Reagan said that weekend and not me. But anyway. Yeah, he would have been about seven, I guess seven or eight. So he was probably teaching on the Declaration. But anyway, it’s really good. That’s, that’s great to hear. I mean that’s, that’s what we love doing. And, and I think too many people think this is harder than it is not to, I don’t want to, you know, create a faucet. I mean, it is tough to do this. You got sacrifice. But man, the benefit, I was homeschooled for a lot of my education and my mom used to get stopped by people all the time and they would be like, what a sacrifice. You’re making a homeschool. And she, every time she would stop and say, it’s not a sacrifice. It’s an investment and it changes your mindset and it’s not just these days, man.

Rick Green (00:05:45):

It is. It’s, it’s easier, but it’s also just fun. I mean, there’s so many tools available. You get to spend more time with your kids, you get to go anywhere. You want you to take them in person to places. I just think we’re so blessed to be able to live in America today and the state laws have gotten so much better. I mean, just right down the line, it’s a much easier thing for people to do and there’s just such good support around you with these state associations and everything that we have. So it’s fun.

Yvette Hampton (00:06:08):

Yeah. Yeah. We love it. And Aby, welcome. I love having you with me.

Aby Rinella (00:06:13):

Thanks. I’m glad to be here. I’m super excited to be on this one and I’m totally pumped up. Rick. When I told my kids who we were talking to, they were through the moon, they were so excited.

Yvette Hampton (00:06:23):

Yeah. Well, you know, a couple years ago, Aby texted me and she said, have you watched this show on Amazon called Chasing American legends? And I said, no. And she said, this guy named Rick Green and his family have have hosted this show. And I said, I know Rick you know, I know who Rick Green is of course, but I’ve not heard of this show. And I don’t know how I hadn’t heard of it, but so we started watching it and we love, love that show. I you need several more seasons.

Rick Green (00:06:49):

Well, unfortunately the kids are a little older now, so I don’t know if I can convince them to go travel around the country with us to investigate history’s mysteries. But we had a lot of fun with that project when we got to see some cool stuff, we got to march with men to Lexington and all, all those cool things. So thank you all for watching. I’m glad y’all enjoyed it. And our hope is that for your kids, they can, they can experience some of those things through the eyes of our kids. That was kind of the idea behind the show is if every family can’t go to these cool places and can’t get, you know, we get to hang out with Brad Stein. So he actually makes it funny, you know, and, and, and fun to learn that at least they could do it through the, through the eyes of our children watching the show. So thank you all for watching and for sharing it with folks.

Yvette Hampton (00:07:23):

Yeah. Oh, it’s, it’s super fun. And we’ll put links to that show. And the podcast is show notes and it’s just such a, such a fun show to watch. You know, I want to talk today about the Constitution. We have been talking a whole lot about that in our family. With all that’s going on around us and as we’ve been talking about it, we’ve, we’ve been just praying through how the Lord can help us as a family to, to understand what our God-given rights and responsibilities are and then really helping us to know how we can make a difference in the world around us and really finding hope. And so as we’ve talked about it, you know, we said there’s, there’s no one else that we would rather talk through the Constitution with than you, Rick, because you don’t just talk about the Constitution, but you talk about it from a biblical worldview, which is what we’re all about. You know, just show us Jesus, show us where Jesus is and all of this. And so I would love for you to just talk with us first about just hope for America. I think a lot of people right now are feeling hopeless. We’re feeling discouraged, we’re feeling just frustrated beyond belief. So where, where is the hope for America right now?

Rick Green (00:08:31):

Oh wow. Big question. You know, I think first off, something you just said in terms of most people just simply talk about our rights and you said our rights and our responsibilities. And I think that’s such a great way to look at it is too often in our American culture today, we just gimme gimme, gimme and you know, we want things to be easy, all of those things. And we don’t talk about what’s on the other side of that. With every right, there’s a responsibility. There’s something that we need to be a duty that we’re duty is we run from that today. It’s like, Oh, that means I have to do something. Whereas the founding fathers were America used that word over and over and over again, especially when talking about citizenship and, and our ability to live in freedom required some duties. And it’s not huge, right?

Rick Green (00:09:11):

I mean, if you think about the founders sacrifice to launch the nation, it was off the charts, right? I mean, they literally gave their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, our sacrifice or our investment. If we go back to what we said earlier to preserve freedom and for our families to enjoy it, it’s really, really small. I mean, we don’t have to do that much, but we do have to do a little bit. And if all of us will do a little bit, and what I mean by that is a little bit of our life. So taking a little bit of time to do exactly what you’re doing today, to put some focus on what allows for us to be free to homeschool our kids. What, what allows for us to be able to go to church on Sunday morning or synagogue on Saturday or wherever we’re going and worship as we choose.

Rick Green (00:09:47):

What is it that creates that kind of a society and allows for that to happen? It does not happen by accident. There, there really is a, a cause for that, a formula producing that. And just the fact that you’re highlighting it says, Hey, I want to know what the formula is. We want to be able to teach our kids to be responsible citizens and, and to, to want to do their responsibility, not just give me my rights. You know, and in this, in this world we’re in right now where frankly we’re all feeling a little bit frustrated and maybe like we want to go protest a few things that are happened are a lot of things that are happening right now. It’s a great time to say, wait, wait a minute. First I want to check my heart from that biblical worldview perspective you were talking about am I having the right attitude here?

Rick Green (00:10:26):

And the second one, make sure I’ve got good grounding and am I standing on good ground in terms of what I want to protest and what I want to, what I want to stand for. Cause protesting and petitioning our government for a redress of grievance right there in the first amendment is an important part of our American DNA. Just being able to stand up and say, I give consent or refuse consent to quote from the declaration. So this is exciting. I mean, I the hope that the answer to your question, I’m sorry I got on a rabbit trail there. But the answer to your question in terms of hope, I should say since we’re talking about the Constitution, our hope is not in the Constitution. Our, our hope is not in, in, you know, the presidential election of 2020 going whichever way you’re, you’re for.

Rick Green (00:11:01):

Our hope really remains what it always has been. Our hope is in Christ and, and our, our joy comes not by, you know, what’s happening around us, not, not by where we are, but who’s we are. So we can look at the landscape of our society our challenges as parents and raising our children and how we can look at all of that and say, you know what, there’s big challenges, but my hope is in him. And I know, I know that he already sees everything that’s going to happen. Cobra 19 was not a surprise to him. You know a presidential election is never a surprise to him. He sees it all. So we can have peace in that and have hope in that. And I think one of the great things that makes it peaceful for me is being able to look at history, step back, and look in the context of thousands of years instead of just the last 10 or 12.

Rick Green (00:11:45):

It’ll give you peace. You’ll realize there’s nothing new under the sun. You can see the patterns in history. You can see the principles of Liberty when they’re used. It produces prosperity and freedom and all those things we love and when and when it’s not, at least the tyranny and darkness and it just, it’s so obvious when you really look through history. And the reason I say there’s hope in that is that there’s nothing we’re facing as a country or as a community that there isn’t an answer for. And yes, it always comes back to the Bible. All the answers are right there in the Bible. And, and our nation used to look to the Bible for the answers we used to say, we’re setting up our government based on what the Bible says here and here and here. And then you what would feel like a new issue?

Rick Green (00:12:22):

We’d go, wow, I hadn’t thought about that one. How do I address that? Well, we’d go to the Bible to find out how we don’t do that as a country anymore as a society. But as Bible believers, we still can. And the great thing about that, that is we can find the truth and then take it to society and take it to our communities. And that what a wonderful opportunity to, to be able to use those freedoms we’re going to talk about today out of the Constitution, to actually bring truth from God’s word to actually be a positive influence on our friends and neighbors.

Yvette Hampton (00:12:46):

Yeah. Yeah. Amen. So, so let’s talk about those. Let’s talk about our freedoms that we have. And you know, you, you see the bumper sticker and you see the signs that say freedom isn’t free. And we all know that, you know, we come from a family of, of military. My, my dad, my father in law, my husband, both my brothers in law, my sister-in-law, all military. And so I really respect that. And I know that the freedom that we have is not free. And I know from the founding of our country, it wasn’t free. I mean, it cost many, many, many people, their lives and their families. And so how, how do we know what our freedoms are? How do we understand them? And then how do we fight to keep those,

Rick Green (00:13:29):

You know, it’s interesting you mentioned the military part of this. One of our episodes for chasing American legends. We went to Arlington cemetery. And, and we, it was, it was when we were, when we were standing on one of the Hills and we looked out and there’s just so many, I mean, and, and you realize all those, those sea of headstones and you begin to realize every generation of Americans there, there have been those willing to step forward and pay the ultimate price. Many of them paid a high price, but they came home and were able to live the rest of their life and many pay the ultimate price. And, and you know, there was a, there was a great movie years ago saving private Ryan, we’re at, at the end of that movie, you get this great scene where captain Miller, Tom Hanks, his character who has been on a mission through the whole movie to go find private Ryan to getting back home to his family.

Rick Green (00:14:14):

Cause all his brothers are dead. And, and they, and Tom Hanks is, is all of his guys on his team have been getting killed through this whole thing. All the safe private. Right. And so at the end of the movie he gets shot, he’s about to die. He’s not going to give his life for this kid, this 19 year old kid, and he grabs private Ryan and he pulls you in real clothes and he says with his last breath, he says, earn this. And that to me really encapsulated. It was like a wake up call for, he was like, wow. All those people in every generation and all, all of our brothers and sisters that are serving right now, they’re paying an amazing price for our freedom. How do we earn it? How do we actually tell them thank you. You know, I’ve always taught my kids go and shake hands with somebody in uniform and say thank you for your service.

Rick Green (00:14:54):

So we do that. But that it seems like there’s so much more that we should be doing and there’s so much more is actually living our lives in a way that honors what they did. Abraham Lincoln actually sum that up and as good as Berg address when he said the way that you think them and you make sure they didn’t, they didn’t die in vain is you have a quote increased devotion to the cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion. So the increased devotion while the cause, first of all is what we’re talking about today, this Constitutional Republic is this freedom and this system of Liberty we have. And so the increased devotion part is, is the citizens saying, I’m going to be more devoted to my responsibilities, not just my rights, and I’m going to be a part of the solution. I’m going to, I’m going to be a part of saving America. And so that’s what we’re doing is we’re saying I’m going to honor all those who came before me. I actually being involved and being active in, in my citizenship. So that’s probably what you’re really asking me is, okay, how do we do that? Like how do we, how do we be better active citizens maybe. Is that the question you’re actually asking?

Aby Rinella (00:15:52):

I love your rabbit trails. I love your, I’m just, I’m taking notes like crazy. And I like how you said, you know, we, we thank the men that have gone before us and, but, but what is occurring to me is in order to be thankful for what has happened, we have to know what has happened. And it is so important for our children to know and understand history. Because without knowing and understanding it and like going back to what you said about that is where our hope is, I think for our children to have hope during a hard time like this, they need to see, like you said, this isn’t God’s first rodeo. Like this isn’t the first rodeo of dealing with hard things in our nation or even beyond our nation in our world. And so I want you to talk a little bit about just the importance of teaching our kids history and teaching them what has gone before them so that they can understand where we are and the hope that’s found in that.

Rick Green (00:16:48):

That’s so good. And you’re right. I mean, when you, you get in a tough situation like we are right now. I think tough times can, can reveal our own personal character but it also reveals the character of the nation. And, and right now we’re going through a really tough time in America and I think it’s revealed some real flaws and some cracks in our foundation from the standpoint of having too many politicians willing to grab power they were never given. And then th the people ourselves actually praising them for that and, and begging them to do that instead of saying, how, how can I do my part better? And so the only way we fix those flaws and that crack in that foundation is exactly what you just said. We have to go back in time. My my argument today is that the real pandemic in America is civic ignorance that we don’t know our history.

Rick Green (00:17:31):

We don’t know our, our Constitution. And when I say ignorance, it’s not an insult. I mean I’m ignorant on many things, but my friend Tom [inaudible] says it well, he says ignorance is curable. So when you look at all these polls that say three fourths of Americans can’t name the three branches of government that, that they don’t, you know, all these basic things about our system. Instead just being, Oh, America’s done for it. We should say, okay, how do you solve that? Thomas Jefferson said the same thing. He said, when you see that happen, you don’t say people aren’t, can’t handle their rights. You solve it by teaching them the Constitution and teaching them history. So you’re spot on. And, and that’s what we should do. And even when it comes to every time an issue happens, we should go, okay, wait a minute. Has anything like this ever happened before?

Rick Green (00:18:08):

And you talk about sacrifices by previous generations. If you go back to 1918, that generation was fighting world war one and the Spanish flu at the same time. And the Spanish flu was 25 times more lethal than the COBIT is 28 with a 2.5% mortality rate. 675,000 Americans died in a nation of only 103 million. Compare that to today. We would have already lost about two and a half million people. So I mean they, and they, they fought this without ever shutting their economy down without ever shutting down entire States. They literally had the courage to say, what does it take? Whether it was world war one, world war II, Spanish flu, you name it. And so somewhere along the way, I think it’s just the nature of man. We kind of get spoiled to our freedom and things being easy. And so then all of a sudden the crisis hits and tough times come and we haven’t had that same training as young people that are, that our parents, our grandparents generation did.

Rick Green (00:19:05):

And part of that’s just how society has become so answer to your questions. Okay, then now how do we do it? And we said this a little bit at the beginning. I think you know, you have to go back into history and you can’t, these kids are not, our children are not going to sit through a boring three hour lecture on you know, the commerce clause in the Constitution and how that’s affected federal power, right? We have to make it fun. And the good thing is history is fun. Now, I don’t know, y’all may not want to admit this cause this is your show, but I’ll admit it. I hated history when I was in high school and college. Okay. I was not a lover of history. I, it was boring to me. Every teacher I ever had, including my own mom. No offense mom, I love you.

Rick Green (00:19:45):

It was dates, names, places. You memorized it, you answered it right and you were done. When I, somebody gave me a cassette tape of David Barton, now I’m showing my age, but it was consent tape of David Barton back in the nineties. And for the first time I was hearing the stories of history through the eyes of the people that experienced it. And it brought it to life for me. And I finally had fun with it. I fell in love with it. And that took me on the trajectory of where we are now. So I would say to all the parents out there that are watching make history fun, find the stories, find there’s so many great tools out there. I mean Dave Stotts stuff on drive through history is fun, are chasing American legends program. There’s a lot of shows like that that will actually bring that history to life and make it fun for your kids.

Rick Green (00:20:29):

And I always tell people, don’t even tell the kids, Hey, we’re going to do history now. Say, Hey, we found a new TV show we can watch. It’s really fun. And then pop in chasing American legends or Dave Stotts or whoever you found that, that that’s good at this stuff. And, and, and then let them have an entertaining education on history. And there’s so many cool stories. If you’ve got daughters, they need to hear the stories of dicey Langston and CIBIL Luddington and all these, you know, female, young female heroes from the revolutionary war. Your sons need to know about Nathan Hale and, and George Washington’s battle at 23 years old. And, and, and all of these, all these great stories that will make them want to be like that and want to be Patriots and want to be the person that actually fights for their freedom in some way, shape, or form. So anyway, that’s the number one. It’s just make it fun. Don’t, don’t go to the boring. And there’s a lot of boring stuff out there, but man, we’ve got so, you know, it’s so easy now to get ahold of, have really good tools.

Yvette Hampton (00:21:20):

Yeah. Well, and I love that you talk about just making it fun and helping them to want to do something because I think everybody has a kind of an innate desire to want to make a difference, to want to have some kind of impact. Even kids, you know, young kids, when moms come alongside them and say, Hey, you know, you’re such a good helper. I really, really appreciate how you put away those dishes or how you folded those towels. It Wells up and, and not not a sinful pride, but a sense of being and a sense of pride. And so I think when we do that with our kids, we’re really doing them a favor by saying, Hey, let’s do this as a family. You know, one of the things I love about you and your family, Rick, is that you guys do your ministry as a family.

Yvette Hampton (00:22:03):

It seems like everywhere I see you, it’s never a you alone, which I’m sure you know, you do travel and do things by yourself, but, but typically you do things as a family. And that’s how our family is. You know, Schoolhouse Rocked is not a ministry of Garritt Hampton or Yvette Hampton. It is our whole family. And literally we do it together. And it’s amazing because the Lord allows us to be stronger and as a family unit for it. And so in making an impact in our world, you know, whether it’s going and you know, praying and protesting at an abortion clinic where you, you know, your kids get to be there with you and just pray over, you know, these parents or if you’re protesting some of the things that are going on today in our country as a family, right. Be the, you know, do ministry together.

Rick Green (00:22:49):

He would show it up for our homeschool day at the Capitol. Right? So your state going together and I promise you nothing’s going to impress that legislator more than the kid. You know, when a nine year old says, nice to meet you sir. And they’re like, wow, what’s going on here? You know, and they can tell the difference. They’re going, wow, these, these parents are doing something right. So what a great way to, to civic duty, right as a family is find out when your homeschool day at the capitalist, wherever you are across the country. Every state has one.

Aby Rinella (00:23:14):

Yes. And going back into history with that, teaching our kids, you know, like for us, our state history of homeschool or a national history of homeschool or you know, we weren’t always free to do this. And so, you know, historically who has fought for our homeschool freedoms even, and, and why can we do this now the way we do this? And so sparking that passion in our kids so that when they go to the state Capitol, they’re not like, why aren’t went, we’re just going because it’s another thing to do, but that they’re understanding what’s behind it, why we are here and where we came from to get us here.

Rick Green (00:23:45):

That is so

Yvette Hampton (00:23:46):

Good, Aby. And that’s so true in every state, right? Like, I mean, here in Texas we have stories of these families that fought hard in the mid eighties I mean, I, I didn’t answer that when I was a kid. You weren’t, we didn’t answer the door, right? Because it wasn’t legal to be homeschooled. We were going to get in trouble for homeschooling. Right? And so you tell those stories, but then you tell about the heroes that fought and went and went and worked that legislation through and got it done. So that your kids going, wow, maybe someday I could do that on, on an issue. And you show them how we’re, we’re starting to win abortion issues or you know, all these different places they can make it make a difference. I mean, I get to see that all the time and that’s what my shirt, wait, I’m backwards.

Yvette Hampton (00:24:23):

Okay. so that’s what we do at Patriot Academy, right? These kids come to the Capitol and they actually live the life of a legislator and they get to see that, wow, this is not some other world. Right. That’s what I mean when we start talking about Constitution. Most people immediately think, well that’s, you know, that’s something somebody else is gonna worry about. The lawyers are worried about it, the legends, you know, Congress, whatever. That’s not, I don’t have to deal with that. That kind of stuff. And so what we try to do with Patriot Academy, with our Constitution programs, everything we do, we’re trying to say, no, this is your world. This is, you can impact this thing. I was 16, 16 or 17. First time I saw the state Capitol in Austin, I was actually playing baseball. We were at the state tournament.

Yvette Hampton (00:24:59):

And our coach took us over there to see the see the Capitol and I, and my thought was the exact same. I thought, that’s a, that’s a different breed man. Those are the folks from the right side of the tracks. You know, where that’s another world right there. Only those Uber rich or whatever. And, and we went in and we did the little tour and we went and saw the names on this house thing. I was like, wow, that’d be so cool to actually get to push that button on the house floor. And I thought, you know, not in my lifetime. And I told my dad that story when we got back and he’s like, no, this is America. This system belongs to you. You can be that person. On the floor if that’s what God’s called me to. And you’re willing to work hard for it.

Yvette Hampton (00:25:34):

10 years later I was 26 and I was on that floor pushing that button, actual rep. So I think we, we, we need to get people to realize this is your battle, this is your capital. When you take them for that homeschool, you don’t walk out and say, this is where the legislators at you say this is your capital. You get to come here and influence what’s happening around you and in your world. Yeah. You know, one of the things that I have realized more and more is, and I don’t think it gets talked about enough, is that our government, they really work for us. And I would love for you to talk about that because you really were on that other side of it. We don’t work for them, you know, they work for us and they’re supposed to work in our best interest. Kind of. Can you, can you kind of explain that and talk about that from the perspective of having worked, you know on the other side of that, that government line?

Rick Green (00:26:20):

I try, I try to always use the words public servant instead of elected official because we tend to have this high and mighty kind of view or whatever and then they tend to get, that’s one of the reasons I, you know, my family, we have this great debate going that’s been going for years on term limits because half the family’s forum and half so against them and I’m forum, I after serving I just saw how easy your, your mind becomes like I’m special and everybody around you is yes man and all that stuff. Even though you also be attacked in the media and all that. But yeah, I mean they just get this sense of entitlement and you’d see it more in Washington than you do at the state level, but you do see at the state and local level as well. And so I say public service because I want to remind them and remind us they are public servants.

Rick Green (00:26:58):

They’re literally there to serve us. And I think one of the dangers we have is when we think we have such a great system that, you know, I don’t have to worry about my freedom or we even think I have such a good representative or Congressman or governor, I don’t even have to worry. Not at all. I agree with Bob McEwen, former Congressman from Ohio. He always says, I don’t trust any politician any more than I can throw them over my left shoulder, my shoulder, left-handed. He added a few others in there. But anyway, the point is no matter how good they are, they need us in the equation. Holding them accountable, encouraging them when they do the right thing, letting them know when we disagree. But doing that, you know, obviously respectful and like one of the dangers is too often we stay out of the system for so long that when the system finally impacts us, we, we get mad and we responded in anger or we need to be doing is paying attention all the time and letting them know when they do good, even if they’re, you know, it may, it may be a pro-abortion Democrat that represents you, but for some reason they voted to protect your right to homeschool.

Rick Green (00:27:57):

You never know what’s going to happen with, with a public servant and where they are. Well, you should still call or write them and say, thank you for protecting my right of, of homeschooling. Now obviously you’re going to work against them in the election if they’re pro abortion. But at that moment you think that because having that relationship with them might lead to turning them on that issue or whatever it might be. All I’m saying is that tone that we have with holding the public service accountable is really, really important. And, and having that mindset that, that those folks work for us. And, and not the other way around will get us more engaged in campaigns. I want to all the homeschoolers out there, you can have more of an impact on elections than anybody else. When I won my first race in 1998, I actually lost on election night by 20 votes out of 30,000.

Rick Green (00:28:38):

We had a recount and I won by 36 votes. It was that close. And I was running against a really powerful comment. And but my campaign was homeschool families. We had, we had families with six, seven kids out of every pole, you know, with the green shirts on and hold the grievance and knocking on doors and do, I mean, you guys can have such a great impact. So you don’t have to just read about civics in a textbook. You can actually go live it by standing at the polls for a candidate or are helping someone. So again, long answer to your question, but I think that mindset is real important. Public servants, they work for us. And don’t forget what the declaration says. I mean this whole system starts with the ideas. We’re going to talk about Constitution. We got to talk about declaration because that’s the foundation.

Rick Green (00:29:16):

John Quincy Adams said the declaration is the foundation that the home of the Constitution was built, the bond. So without that, we don’t really know what our philosophy of government is. The Constitution is more like a playbook or a rule book. The, the declaration is the philosophy behind that. Here’s why we think this. And, and, and one of the fundamental principles of the declaration that sets up our entire tire system is that the, that, that we set up a government with consent of the governed. And so that means that the government can only do what we say it can do. And that’s why representative government is important and we should choose those leaders. But then we also have to make sure that they’re abiding by the written Constitution that we, the people put in place. Today we’re, we’re, we’re at least psychologically, we’ve kind of turned into a pure Republic instead of a Constitutional Republic, meaning that we tend to pay attention to the elections.

Rick Green (00:30:09):

Then whoever gets elected, we just assume they’re either going to do good or bad and we can’t do anything about it. And that’s more like a pure Republic where you elect them and then you say, Hey, you do whatever you think is best. It’s all up to you. A Constitutional Republic says, we’re electing who we think is best. We want you to do what is best within the boundaries that the Constitution draws. But that idea of boundaries or what we would call Constitutionally jurisdictions or authority, that’s the, that’s what we’ve lost. And frankly, why we now allow government to run rough shot over our lives and tell us how to do everything. Parental rights is, is, is under attack any big, big way in our country right now. We’ve got a big case in Texas right now on parental rights. That’s going to be huge.

Rick Green (00:30:48):

And so the right to homeschool, to choose the education of that child, to choose the upbringing that child, all of those things that has to be protected Constitutionally. But if we don’t recognize that the boundaries we set up in our Constitution don’t even allow the congressmen or the state legislators to touch that issue if we don’t understand that, if we don’t recognize those boundaries, then we’re going to say, well, if they think it’s best, whatever the state thinks best, we’re going to laugh. So we got, we got to have basic ideas, number one, that they work for us, that our rights don’t come from government. They come from God. So if our rights come from God and we put that government in place to protect those rights, then we’re putting that down on paper and we’re giving certain jurisdictional lines to each level of government.

Rick Green (00:31:27):

We give certain jurisdiction to the family, to the church, to our state government, our local government, and to the federal government. And they’re not supposed to get outside of those boundaries. But if we don’t know the boundaries, then how do we know when to stand up and say, wait a minute, you’re not supposed to do that. We’re getting a lot of questions about batteries right now. When the president says total authority or, or we’re wondering who can do a lock down? Is it the state or is it the local? Is the federal or can anybody, can they close your private business? Where do they get that authority? All these things that are happening right now. One of the good things is it’s causing people to start to wonder for the first time, wait a minute, what’s the Constitution say about this? I never thought about that. I mean, you know, so now people are really, really interested in those jurisdictions.

Aby Rinella (00:32:04):

Yeah. Right. And we are called to set up our kit. I mean, as parents we are called to teach and train our children up. And so it is our responsibility as parents to teach and train our children this, these ways so that as these things come, they just adjust. As with the Bible, we take them to the Bible for the answers of all things. And when it comes to American government, we need to be able to take them to, and we can’t tell, teach them if we don’t know what it is. So it is, I mean, I am so passionate that parents need to teach their children history. They need to teach their children the Constitution where we came from, how we got here. And it gives a piece. Right now, my family, we’re doing American history our second year. And as we’re doing world war two, it’s, it’s just strangely people would think, Oh, that would terrify your kids.

Aby Rinella (00:32:49):

And strangely, it’s bringing our kids such a piece because they’ve seen the hand of God through history and they’ve seen that. They’ve seen it, they’ve seen the big picture. And that that brings a peace and a comfort and it’s so important. And it terrifies me that more people aren’t being taught this. It terrifies me that we have a generation that isn’t being taught this. So Rick, what, what are you doing to help us equipped our kit? What, give us some resources. We people are going to be fired up now. So we want to teach the constitute what do we do?

Rick Green (00:33:23):

Yeah, you bet. You bet. I gotta I gotta go one side. One thing you said that makes me think of a little bit of a rabbit trail, just real quick. And then not only do we want to teach them that, that sacrifice, and this is up to every parent and every child is different in terms of maturity level and when they’re ready for this, but also showing them the horrors of losing our freedoms. Right? And so movies like Schindler’s list and other movies that show how evil tyranny can be and how we can lose freedom and, and become tyrannical. Most people don’t. They don’t realize that Germany in the 1930s was very similar to America. I mean, very, very. I mean they, they experienced a lot, most of the same freedoms. They had a culturally the arts, all of those things. It can happen to any people.

Rick Green (00:34:05):

And so we, it’s not radical to say it could happen here. It’s foolish to say it could never happen here. So I do think sometimes telling those stories, maybe telling the story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer or whichever story you want to choose from that error, just to show our kids you know, even my 17 year old the other day, y’all know him as Rhett, he was only 12 or 13 in the, in the, in the show, but, and chasing American legends. But you know, he, he finally watched a nurse list and he, same thing he was saying, dad, man, I just, I just, it brought it home. It made me realize how precious freedom is and how bad evil can be. And if you give absolute power to the government, what can happen and, and, and, and how bad that can become. So using those tools like you’re talking about to, to, to make them realize that.

Rick Green (00:34:44):

And again, parental advisory, all that stuff with those different movies. But I think it’s important to teach those things. I had my boys watching band of brothers, you know, a Holly good version where we got rid of the language, but, but I still had him watching band of band of brothers at a fairly early age. I mean, they were probably 13 when they watched band of brothers. And that’s a, that’s a pretty gory not, not super gory. I mean, it doesn’t glorify the Gore at all. But man, you talk about making them want to be Patriots and making them want to defend freedom and, and, and to go up and shake every hand of every, every soldier. Man, it really did it, it seared that into their, into their conscience. So there’s some good tools for doing that.

Aby Rinella (00:35:23):

Oh no. What we have to lose then it doesn’t fire, put a fire under us to fight for it. And so our children need to know what, what we have to lose

Rick Green (00:35:31):

And, and look at what’s happening right now, people, I mean, how many people? Four weeks ago when you, first time you went to the grocery store and there was no, you know, whatever you were trying to buy, whether it was toilet paper or whatever, but something at the grocery store that you need and you literally were seeing shelves empty. That’s the first taste of socialism that most people in America have ever had to experience. We read about Cuba and Venezuela and all these places where that’s a daily occurrence for them and all of a sudden people were to have to sit in line at the grocery store and only six people could go in at once or whatever. The experience right now being told protesting is not an essential thing and you can’t even use your, your writeup petition, the government or churches being shut down, not even allowed to go in their cars.

Rick Green (00:36:11):

I mean, we could go down all the lists of all the horrible things that are being done and silly things at a beautician, a sting operation on a beautician in Texas, no less that was arrested for doing somebody’s nails in her home. I mean, those kinds of things should make you go, wait a minute. I mean, if you don’t have George Orwell’s 1984 as part of your homeschool curriculum, all this stuff that’s happening right now, Mike should make you make you make you include that. But yeah, I think most people now are realizing, Whoa, freedom is, is worth protecting. So that brings us back to how do you, how do you do it and how do you, how do you make it fun? I, I again, to plug I guess chasing American legends that starts with any kid. So I mean even a six year old will enjoy watching a show like chasing American legends or Dave Stotts drive through history.

Rick Green (00:36:57):

I’m a big believer in finding ways to tell the stories in an entertaining way. This is not mine. I w I wanted to do a book like this, but a friend of mine, David Bowman did this. So it’s called what would the founders think? And he’s an artist. So his characatures are really funny and it’s a time machine story where Benjamin Franklin and Washington and I think it’s Adams, they get in a time machine and go, go forward to our day and they say, how in the world that y’all get to this point? And then he uses all kinds of fun sources kind of written for really maybe six, seventh grade. But I recommend it as even a lap book to sit down and with your younger kids. And read through it. So it’s a fun way to start really thinking about what, how government should be set up to protect freedom.

Rick Green (00:37:35):

So that’s that’s not one we wrote. We, you can get it@patriotacademy.com or you can just get it at Amazon. It’s an easy one to get a, what would the founders think? So that’s a, that’s a fun one. And then we do one, I was going to grab one behind me here. This is a kind of a been her style. I don’t know if y’all remember Ben her or not, but you know, that was the bestselling novel of, of, of the 18 hundreds written by the way, by a former governor of Indiana, Lou Wallace and his statues in the Capitol. If you ever go to the U S Capitol, you can go see the statue of the guy that wrote Ben Hur. But he did that story as a novel first novel he ever wrote, which is, it’s a phenomenal, phenomenal read. But it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s fiction.

Rick Green (00:38:13):

It’s fact. She’s what we call faction where it’s, it’s true to the times. And it tells the story of Christ accurately, but through the eyes of a character that never really existed. So that part’s made up. So we try and do the same thing. And this is a book called the Patriot’s daughter. This for all that. It’s not just for ladies out there. I have 80 year old men that come up and say, when is the SQL going to be ready? But it’s, it’s written through the eyes of a 15 year old girl in the revolutionary war. And it’s a novel and it’s, it’s done in an entertaining way. A little bit of romance in there, a little bit of of war, a little bit of a, you know, father, son, you know a father daughter interaction in conflict and different things.

Rick Green (00:38:47):

But it’s, anyway, it’s a fun way to do that. So those are just, I mean, a smidgen of what’s out there. There are tons of great materials. Anything that’s going to tell history in an entertaining way and accurate. I, I must say that because even in the Christian homeschooling world and, and, and Christian universities and Christian private schools, there’s a lot of inaccurate stuff out there as well. If you run across resources that are trying to sell this narrative of America being a secular nation and, and, and, and founded on the idea of separating God from everything, run the other direction, they’re not, first of all, they’re not true. It’s not accurate. You know, we’ve got the largest private collection in the world of founding fathers documents at WallBuilders. Now when you go into David Barton’s library and you read the original letters and journals and resources and speeches and everything else, it just opens your eyes to realize, wow, we really were founded on biblical principles.

Rick Green (00:39:37):

How could we get away from that as a nation? So make sure that they’re accurate, but, but entertaining as well. And then just find application in everyday life. We used to, I mean, even when our property taxes would go up, we would have conversations with our eight and nine and 10 year olds. You know about you know, does the, should the government be punishing us for investing in our home and adding on the porch? They’re now going to take more of our money because we added a portrait of the house. Let’s talk about that philosophically. And we’d sit around and we didn’t use the word philosophically with them at age, but you know what I’m saying. And we try to apply it to them. Right? And same thing with jurisdictions. You can teach your kids about jurisdictions with their toys and with their room.

Rick Green (00:40:15):

And you know, if you’ve got, if you’ve got I started to say if you have to, but this is a homeschool program. So if you have 20 kids and you let one of the kids that doesn’t sleep in room a go into room a and paint the room as they choose and some neon crazy color and see if all the kids that live in room a get the concept of jurisdiction and say, wait a minute, that’s not your jurisdiction. You shouldn’t have got to choose what color our room was going to be painted. But just look for ways, real life to reflect how government works, but in your house, cause that government’s in, in play in your house right now. Yes. You kind of get to be a dictator as, as parent. But you know, you can, you, you can find those examples as well. And that’s how we try to teach through, through chasing in our, in our books as well. That was a long answer. I’m so sorry guys. I’m getting excited. Yeah,

Aby Rinella (00:41:04):

Everybody is so excited. Everybody’s writing all these down. I love the idea of using it in your home. Like when you talk about socialism and you know, just you, you’ve heard it when everybody, you just divide all the kids’ grades and everybody gets the same grade, no matter how hard anybody works. I mean, I just really love those practical hands on ideas to help the kids really see it play out at home and make it very real for them rather than just this abstract. Like we, I don’t know. Like I, like you said, when we grew up, it just wasn’t fun. Didn’t connect with us. But we have as homeschool families, we get that privilege. We have that freedom to, to teach our kids history in a fun way, in a way that is meaningful to their life and can connect with them. So we’re very blessed to have that freedom. For sure.

Rick Green (00:41:48):

Yeah. Let one of the kids mow the lawn and, and tell them you’re, you’re going to pay them 20 bucks and then split it among all five kids and say you get four and they need to get forward while, while the other, while the other kids are sitting on the porch drinking lemonade and watching and then pay it. Pay out like that and say, this is how socialism works. I’m going to say, one of the things we’re doing now that’s kind of fun is, is is getting people to host their own Constitution classes. So instead of waiting on us to come do one in their town we’ve set it up where they can get access for free right now of all of our materials. So they can take our Constitution classes for free. They can become a host and we coach them through how to do a zoom class and, and actually bring people in.

Rick Green (00:42:27):

And so that way they can invite people around them around the country. That’s a little bit of the oldest. It’s really about eighth grade enough that that can use that Constitution class and it makes sense to them. I mean I’ve had kids as young as eight go through the class and, and enjoy it and have fun cause we do kind of keep it moving quickly. We teach in independence hall where the Constitution and the declaration were done. So when you’re in the room and you can say, well Ben Franklin was sitting over here and he got up and he did this or you know, that kind of helps bring it to life. But in reality it’s really more of an eighth grade enough type deal. But anybody can do it. So even, I mean, any homeschool mom or dad can sign up as a Constitution host.

Rick Green (00:42:58):

And even if you just want to do it with your family, but heck, invite some friends and family and either to just join you in zoom or hopefully the country’s going gonna start opening up and you can invite them over to your house as well. And that, cause then you can learn together. I think that’s a fun one. Good. Stop the video and say, when I wait, how would that apply today? You know, if when we’re teaching on the second amendment, say why, why is it important? Why shouldn’t we just count on the police to save us, even though they’re 15 minutes away, you know, w what, what should we be doing? And let them be thinking about you know, put them in that situation and let them figure out for themselves, wait a minute, be a lot better. If dad was trained and if I was trained, if mom was trained and we got attack, that we would have the ability to defend ourselves. Now scared all the, all the families out there. But we can all be prepared to defend ourselves. 1.2 million violent crimes a year in America. Sorry, didn’t mean to get off on that tangent. No, that’s okay. So what is it that lives in California? She’s like, what is a gun? No, I’m in Georgia.

Rick Green (00:43:55):

We’re from California. We’re in Georgia now. Good mama then we’re, we’re good here now. We are no longer in California. So tell me again really quickly about that Constitution class and how do people find out about that? Where would they go? ConstitutionCoach.com real easy. Website ConstitutionCoach.com and we’re because of everybody being locked up at home where we’re making it for free right now. Normally it’s like a $97 for a one year license to, to get all the materials and hosted. But it’s totally free if you sign up right now you get to get a license and it gives you access to all our Constitution classes. We got different versions, do six weeks, some do 10 weeks. But we actually, the fun thing about the Constitution classes, we take you into independence. All we teach there, but we also go into David Barton’s library and he pulls all kinds of cool original documents off the shelf.

Rick Green (00:44:43):

And then we do, we sometimes do live classes online. We’re going to do, we’re actually gonna do a crash course in may where every Monday, Wednesday, Friday in may, every afternoon we’re getting together with hundreds of families across the country and we’re going to livestream chasing American legends. So they’ll get to watch the show y’all were talking about earlier. Each afternoon. We’ll start with one of those episodes and then whoever was on the show, we’re going to have live on the webinar. So Alveda King, when we do our episode about MLK his niece, Alveda King will be with us when we go into the fault. Wallbuilders David Barton will be with us. You guys know Brad Stein. Y’all have Brad on sometime. He’d love to come do that with y’all. But anyway, he’ll be on, so we’ll, we’ll be doing that in may.

Rick Green (00:45:24):

That’s a, that’s a fun way to do it. But even throughout the year, we’ll do a live classes that people can be a part of. But I just want to, we want to empower people to do this on their own and not have to depend on, on us or anybody to come in. And that’s one of the great things about homeschooling is you learn to do this stuff here ourselves. And so we’re trying to do that as just get as many tools in their hands. We canceled Constitution, coach.com is the, is the website to be a host.

Yvette Hampton (00:45:46):

That is so amazing and I’m excited about that because I, you know, like I said early on, I feel like I know so little about the Constitution even about history. We’re actually also doing American history this year and it’s been so exciting to read through this with my girls because I know I studied this in school, but I honestly, well I hated school growing up with a passion and you know, I would learn to the test and that was it. I mean, I, you know, after that test was done and over with, I just forgot it. Purpose purposely. I think I don’t want to remember any of this. And so I’m learning along with my girls and it’s been so exciting for me because I’m just, I’m regaining my whole education. Yeah.

Rick Green (00:46:27):

Think that the cool part about homeschool is we all get to learn too. I mean, you don’t have to be, that’s what I always tell our co our Constitution hosts. I’m like, you don’t have to be an expert. You can get it. I get up in, in the middle, in my classes when I teach, first thing I say is, I’m not, I’m not some guru. I’m a citizen learning just like you. And we’re going to learn together. And so it’s homeschool periods when you get to do that all the time and you got to have the expectations right with your kids where they don’t think, you don’t set them up to think that we know everything. And that way it’s easy to say, you know what? I don’t know either. Let’s go look that up. And it makes it so much more fun. Yeah. Anyway, I didn’t mean to interrupt you, but,

Aby Rinella (00:46:57):

And it teaches them that we can always learn, you know, that we’re always learning that we’re always growing. It’s not a 12 year you know, a 12 year plan. Then we get out and know everything. So, I mean that’s what I want my kids is I don’t care how old I get. I’m learning, I’m growing. I can always learn more. So that’s another fun way to, you know, find reason to learn with them. I, in hearing all of this and teaching our kids the Constitution and teaching our kids our history and where we came from and how we got here and, and our rights and our, I go back to that Franklin Graham quote or that, I’m sorry that Billy Graham quote that when a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened. And I love that because that’s why we want to teach our children truth.

Aby Rinella (00:47:43):

That is why we want to teach our children history and where we came from and where, you know, where God has us and that he has us in a place. Because, you know, some people say why? I mean, that’s always my question. Why? Why do I need to teach them this? And it isn’t just for us. And it isn’t just for, you know, my family. But, but it allows my children to know enough to be brave, to take a stand. Because when they do their light, you know, as the Bible tells us, they’re light. And, and as Billy Graham said, you know, then often the spines of other men are stiffen. So, so it is a bigger picture to teach and train our children and all of this. It’s for the bigger picture, for, you know, for God’s bigger picture and for our nation.

Rick Green (00:48:22):

I love that. That’s the, it’s the, it’s a purpose much larger than ourselves. Right. And I, and our own family, and that quote is fantastic. And it, and it’s so true. I mean, we see it all the time when one person stands up others will rally. I mean, you raised the banner and others were rallying. So teaching your kids that those are heroes, so that they want to be that ear that they want to have. The courage to be able to do those things. And you do that by just telling those stories, finding those courageous stories. We did a book a few years ago called legends of Liberty and we found, think it was 12 story, might’ve been 15 stories of people like that. You know, and I, and I was mentioned in young girls like Dicey Langston and Sybil Ludington and finding those stories.

Rick Green (00:48:58):

Even Jackie Robinson in baseball is the first black to break the color code color barrier and the things he went through and nobody talks about his faith. It was, it was his faith that got him, that got him through that. But you, you mentioned being, being lied. And that’s what all of this is. See, when the Bible was, was the greatest influence on the country, we saw a practical application of salt and light. And so if you think about salt, it’s, it’s literally bringing out the flavor of the meat and, and preserving it. That’s the two purposes, right? And so as Christians, when we apply the Bible to our culture in our society, it ends up bringing out the best flavor. It ends up producing the best society possible and preserving that society for future generations. But when we’re afraid to speak truth out of the Bible, when we’re, when we’re, when we’re afraid to stand up for what’s right, because we’re going to get shouted down or called names on Facebook or whatever it might be, we’re literally shuttering that light.

Rick Green (00:49:52):

We’re literally preventing the meat from being preserved. And that’s why you see the K in the culture. I think because Christians checked out, we bought the lie that said government politics, that’s a different world. And as a Christian, I’m not supposed to do that. I’m supposed to just submit to whatever whoever’s in authority says. And that, that’s a warped view of Romans 13. It’s not an accurate view of certainly not the founders view of Romans 13 or most theologians even th that, that we should be involved and that we have a responsibility in. Jesus said, render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and under God, what is gods and in America who Caesar, it’s not the president, the people. These ladies I see on the screen right now, you’re sneezer. I’m Caesar. So, so how do we do that? Well, we render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s by doing our job as citizens, by accepting the responsibility that Yvette said from the very beginning that comes with those rights and actually living it out.

Rick Green (00:50:45):

And it’s not that hard. And, and, and even learning about the Constitution, you know, we’ve got this kind of view of the Constitution as it’s complicated just because it’s written in that kind of old English and it’s in cursive and all that. We think this is too hard to understand when it’s actually super practical, simple document. You can read through it in 15 minutes and when you take our classes, we walk through, we don’t go through everything in the Constitution, but we pick out those things that are most under attack today and that are frankly the easiest for us to influence as citizens. And there are so many areas that we can have a great influence. There was a guy that was one of the guys that actually wrote the Federalist papers. So he’s one of our 55 framers of the Constitution and also one of the three that gave us the Federalist papers.

Rick Green (00:51:24):

And I mentioned the Federalist papers because it’s kind of the instruction manual to the Constitution. Anything you’re wondering, what did this really mean? Not just what does it say, but what did it mean? You go to the Federalist papers and the writings of the founders and you figured that out. But anyway, John Jay was one of those guys and he was our first chief justice and he said something that I hope parents out there will hear because this fits for every one of us. He said, every member of the state simply meaning every citizen. So not just the preachers and teachers, but all of us, right? Every member of the state ought diligently to read and study the Constitution by knowing our rights, we will better perceive when they’ve been violated and be the better prepared to defend in a them and that. And actually he says in the middle of that and teach the rising generation to be free.

Rick Green (00:52:05):

So that’s sure applies to us, right? So we’ve got these kids in our home. They’re the rising generation. We need to know our rights so that we can perceive when they’re violated and be the better prepared to defendant assert them, but we got to teach the rising generation these rights as well so that they’ll embrace the responsibility of preserving that freedom. They’ll actually get excited about it. We see it happen all the time at Patriot Academy. Kids will come in, we don’t do real young. We do 16 to 25 years old, but they’ll come in at 16 years old, never having done anything like this, scared to death. They always, we always get great videos afterwards. I was saying, I didn’t know if I could do this or not, but I’m so glad I did it anyway, but they’re scared to death to come in and there and all of a sudden we’re giving them the fire hose and we’re putting them on the house floor and they’re getting to experience this and they’re learning a lot and after two or three years of coming to Patriot Academy, then they’re running the show.

Rick Green (00:52:50):

Now they’re the ones teaching the next group of young people coming in. And the reason that works is because they get to see firsthand, Oh, that’s what freedom of speech is really. This is where it applies. Oh, that’s why it’s so important for me to have the ability to assemble with the people that I want to assemble with, but not before to to do things that I don’t want are the right of conscious. Wow. You know, I don’t want to have my way of thinking, but anyway, that stuff started it. You don’t have to be a genius. You don’t have to be 50 years old to figure that out. A 16 year old. It makes sense to them when they can finally apply it to their life. So I, I’m telling y’all this is, there is a fire right now spreading across the, and it’s not just an us and our age group.

Rick Green (00:53:27):

It’s these kids, these young piano. And I hate to keep saying kids cause I mean this next generation, they get it. They, they’re getting excited about it. And that excites me. I mean that to see that fire being lit in them and see them wanting to be a part of the solution man, that, that gives me hope. You talked about hope earlier that that gives me hope. So, you know, yeah. Talk a little bit more about Patriot Academy and what you guys do with that. Sure. Yeah. So we are our idea on that. I was in the legislature when we, when, when I, when we came up with this idea, my dad, my, my wife and I, and, and it all comes around the idea of putting a student, a citizen at that point when they’re kind of cementing their core belief system.

Rick Green (00:54:08):

So when you, when you get to be 16, 17, 18, 19 years old, it’s no longer what mom and dad believed or why they think the Bible is true. Or you gotta start saying, I believe this because, and be able to back that up. So we wanted to get them at that critical age where they’re, they’re submitting that worldview and put them in the hot seat, put them in the position of being a legislator, let them see the Capitol for themselves, sit in the real chair beyond the real microphones and then at the same time through interaction with other young people, not just the old guy like me standing up and telling them and lecturing to them, but them being in the process a much more kind of Socratic method where they’re actually learning it by debating and discussing those things and not only then to use that to get them grounded as a good citizen, but then give them the edge.

Rick Green (00:54:52):

Teach them the speaking skills and the rapport skills. How do you work a room? How do you do all these things that’ll make you successful in business or politics or education or whatever you’re going to do. So they learn the process and the philosophy of freedom and then they learn the skills to be able to go lead in whatever area. Most kids that come through Patriot Academy don’t go into politics. A lot of them do. I mean we have legislators now elected that came through Patriot Academy, chiefs of staff, hundreds of people working in government that are our, are our graduates. But most of them go into entertainment. They’re making movies or writing books or they’re going to a business or whatever else it might be. So it’s in, in summary, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a training. It’s a leadership training program that makes good citizens that teaches and inspires Liberty in them.

Rick Green (00:55:32):

So that from now on they’re going to vote in every election. They’re going to study candidates. They may run for office, but they’re definitely going to be involved in the process. PatriotAcademy.com is the, is the website at sit wrong as the Constitution coach earlier? It’s actually PatriotAcademy.com is where we’re doing that. May Monday, Wednesday, Friday may inmate, there’s going to be 12 classes cause there’s 12 episodes of chasing American legends. Okay. Well, so you have two things going on. You’ve got the home crash course and then you also have the Constitution classes. Yes. Thank you for clarifying that. Yes, yes. One is for everybody, right? Anybody can be a Constitution host, go to ConstitutionCoach.com and you can do that at any time, you know, throughout the year. The other is the literally crash course in history and government and it’s just for four weeks. It’s every Monday, Wednesday, Friday in May we’re going to do chasing American legends and we’re also going to do Constitution alive, but, but we’ll all be on there to talk about it as well. And that one, if you’re part of a Spain depreciation, it’s free. So if you, if you’re already paying dues to some, you know, whatever state you’re in, then you get to do that one for free. If you’re not part of association, we want you to join those associations. And if you just don’t have one, it’s only 40 bucks for all 12.

Yvette Hampton (00:56:44):

Awesome. Will you just go over real quick, sorry. As we’re trying to tell the ages of each of those things get, cause I know everybody’s signing up right now. So the ages, what ages are for each thing to crash course in the Constitution. Coach.

Rick Green (00:56:56):

So the crash course for all those people, schooling from home is for all ages. So that’s for everybody. And what typically will happen on those afternoons is the first 45 minutes, the little ones will stick around cause we’ll do chasing American legends and then we’ll be there laughing about it and talking about it. And then they’ll probably not want to pay attention whenever I jump on to do Constitution class for the remaining 45 minutes. So that ones the last half of each day, it’s really probably sixth grade and up. But everybody can do schooling from home the crash course. And then the Constitution class is, is that middle school and up. And that one can be done on your own time. You can be trained on that in a day. If you want to start a class later this week, you can do it

Yvette Hampton (00:57:33):

Perfect. So very exciting. And someone’s asking if you offer family discounts

Rick Green (00:57:39):

On the well, once your costume goes to home, family can take it. Patriot Academy. You know, I don’t remember what it is, but I know we do that. And also discounts for when they do multiple academies cause we do regionals around the country. And then we do our big national one. As a believer in Liberty, I believe you have to come to the Mecca of freedom, which is Texas. Sorry Aby. I know we said off air that Idaho was doing an even better, but now people are listening. So I have to defend Texas. Anyway, we do our national Academy of Texas in August. That one’s still going to happen this year in person. But our regional academies, we, we had to make the decision to go virtual. So those are gonna be virtual academies. So any students, 16 to 25 anywhere in the country can join us in June for those virtual academies, which means they’re going to be online.

Rick Green (00:58:24):

All the students are still going to be dressed up like they’re in the real legislature. And we’re going to still, we’re going to have Ben Shapiro and all kinds of cool speakers coming in to talk to them. And that, and it’s, you know, you don’t have to travel. So a lot of kids that couldn’t come to Patriot Academy the last few years because of time and travel and all that. At least one of the blessings. I always try to look at the bright side of the Kobe crackdowns. One of the blessings is we’re going virtual and so any student could do Patriot Academy this year.

Yvette Hampton (00:58:47):

That’s awesome, Harry. Cool. So very exciting. I want to ask you one last thing. Do you, do you have a favorite scripture that you like to focus on that you’d like to share with people?

Rick Green (00:58:59):

Yeah, I think, you know, we were talking about representative government earlier and the importance of public servants. So I always come back to Xs 1821 and I think what people forget is that being a Republic is not an American new idea. You know, we have the first Constitutional Republic all the way back in Exodus and they said, choose out from among you leaders of tens, fifties hundreds and thousands and we’re supposed to choose, and that’s local, County, state and federal government. And then we’re supposed to choose this as a great guideline for how you choose good leaders. In fact, usually in presidential elections, I’ll rate all of the different candidates on these four categories. It says, choose able men such as fear, God, men of truth, hating covetousness. And yes, I think Abel means a generic mankind and can include women today, I think absolutely should include women.

Rick Green (00:59:43):

Some of the better candidates today are women. Women are having just like Deborah having to step up and where men didn’t leave. But anyway Ableman means they gotta be able to do the job. They gotta be capable. Can you, can you not only win the election, but be effective at the job when you get there? Are they honest? Do they tell the truth even when it hurts them? Right? Could hurt your reelection to say, Hey, I messed up over here. Or Hey, this is what I believe I’m going to do it. Even if the polling says it’s a 70, 30 issue and do they hate covetousness? Do they hate bribes? Are they willing to go? Say I’m going to do the job and then come home. I’m not going there for all, all of the perks. And most importantly, do they fear God?

Rick Green (01:00:18):

Do they have a biblical worldview? And there are no perfect candidates. I’ve yet to find one. I agree with a hundred percent of the time unless my wife runs and then, and then she’s right, whether she’s right or wrong. So I agree with her a hundred percent of it. But anyway, there, there’s no perfect candidates. I would have never in a million years thought that Donald Trump was going to do all the things he’s done for religious Liberty and freedom and homeschool and all the things he’s done. So you never know, but you do the best you can with what you got, where you are, you measure the candidates, and then you vote for the best one out of the field. And, and and then if you don’t have good candidates the next time around, you run yourself for office and be the one on the, on the ballot.

Yvette Hampton (01:00:52):

I love it. And that’s Exodus, right?

Rick Green (01:00:55):

And pray. Amen. And don’t, and don’t anybody out there think that we’re saying politics is the answer. I’m going to solve everything John Hancock said, I urge you by all that is dear by all the dishonorable, by all that is sacred, not only to pray but to act, which means we gotta do both. We gotta, we gotta absolutely. And we should be praying right now for all of our governors, our local leaders, our president, that that the counselors around them will have wisdom that they’ll know who to listen to cause they’re getting different, you know, and that it’s not just like with Cobra that that happens with every issue. It’s like that they have a cacophony of voices coming from every direction. Pray for wisdom for those leaders that they will be, they’ll return to biblical wisdom, not just knowledge, but biblical wisdom. And that’s the difference. When you have the biblical perspective, you can take the knowledge and actually make wise decisions with it. When you don’t have the Bible, all this knowledge puts you in the situation where you’re right in right now. Shutting down the whole economy over the anyway, don’t get me started. We won’t

Yvette Hampton (01:01:50):

Again. It was Exodus what?

Rick Green (01:01:52):

Exodus 18 2118 it’s I guess 20 and 21.

Yvette Hampton (01:01:57):

Okay. 20 and 21. Okay. I just posted that on there. So you were just talking about praying. I would love to end this discussion with asking you, Rick if you would just pray, pray for as homeschool families, pray for our nation. And then we will open it up for Q and. A. If anyone has any questions we will love to stand on

Rick Green (01:02:17):

Well too. Absolutely. Father, we come before you right now and we just thank you for freedom. Thank you. That we get to live in a country where we can even come on this podcast right now and speak freely, Lord, that we can call your name on this podcastor that we have the freedom, a father to believe as as we choose, we have those rights of conscious. And I thank you so much for the rights as parents to raise our children as we choose what a blessing we have in America to make those decisions. The Lord that you’ve given us. Not just the, the freedom to do it, but the ability you’ve given us so many things so many tools at our fingertips. So God just pray for everybody that’s listening to this podcast that is homeschooling right now and, and sometimes trying to figure out what’s the right way to do this, that you just give him wisdom that you’d continue to let Aby and Yvette and others breathe into their life and give them the tools that they need to be successful at it.

Rick Green (01:03:03):

And if I just pray for our country, Lord, I lift up our president, all of his advisors pray for our Congress. Lord, we pray for speaker Pelosi and for leader McConnell, we pray for every governor across the country and for all of their advisors as well. And I just pray for wisdom. God just pray that you’d help us to make the right decisions as individuals, father, that we would be wise in how we deal with these circumstances. And, and the Lord that as a nation we would once again turn to your word father. I pray that, you know, with National Day of Prayer this year is, it’s been so many of those events across the country have been canceled. We’re gonna miss that opportunity to come together in communities and call on your name and, and return to those principles. I pray we’ll do that in our homes and that this will still be a year of renewal, God, that you’ll just use this whole crisis to wake people up to what’s important that this time at home will hopefully be a time where we can get back in your word and spend time in your word as a family.

Rick Green (01:03:54):

Just let it, let it as, as only you can do. Lord turn this difficult situation into a renewal in our country and let let the rest of this year in 2020 be a year that we returned to basic principles of truth and it starts with your word. Thank you so much for making it possible for us to even study in the way that we get to today with all the tools at our fingertips. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Yvette Hampton (01:04:15):

Amen. Thank you so much for that. That was amazing. I am so grateful for you and your ministry, you guys, if you have questions you can post them. We’ll take a few minutes to do some Q and a with Rick really quickly. I know someone had posted back if we would list the resources that you were talking about, so I know you held up a couple of books.

Rick Green (01:04:36):

Did you links to if you want to post post those later. But yeah, just just to, I’ll show you real quick so don’t forget the crash course. That’s the fun one. We’re going to do. Inmate every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, treat academy.com. If you go there, you’ll see that yellow. If you don’t get that, that’s from the old crash dummy commercials. That’s where we got that idea. If anybody want it from West Hills anyway, Patriot academy.com, Patriot’s daughter. That’s the fun, fun read. It’s a really good novel, but it’ll teach you good, good character traits and principle traits and definitely make you appreciate freedom. So it’s a good way to introduce history and get your kid interested in the revolutionary war in American history. So that’s also, it’s a good age group for that. It’s really like 12, 13 and up.

Rick Green (01:05:19):

So and, and the target of course, when, when Cameron wrote it was, was teenage girls, that was our main target. But then as I began to coauthor with her and started writing some of the battle scenes and that kind of stuff, it kind of became fun for us guys too. And so I said it earlier and I wasn’t kidding. I mean, we, we do all these speaking events at groups sometimes on an annual basis. And so we’ll go back and for the last year they’ve all been, when’s the SQL gonna be? I mean literally 80 year old man wins the sequelae and I didn’t realize Cameron had written that. That’s so cool. Yeah, it’s a, it’s a fun, it’s a fun read. And then this was a M R. Y. N. Okay. And then what would the founders think? That’s David Bowman.

Rick Green (01:05:58):

He’s a great guy out in Arizona that wrote that one. And this one’s really middle school and up, but can be used for younger kids if you read it with them. And that caricature on the front. It’s that kind of stuff all the way through it. So it’s, it’s good solid principles of Liberty and the proper role of government taught in a fun way through that, that time machine story. And you said that was by David Bowman. David Bowman. Yeah. Got it. Oh, I didn’t tell you about the batteries Bible. I think y’all probably already have it, but this is a great way to do history and the Bible, right? So you get the biblical worldview, but then as you’re reading whatever verse it is, all of a sudden, then there’s an insert of a story that says, here’s how John Adams quoted this verse and use this for this principle. So it’s a really fun way to read God’s word and apply it. That one’s a wall builders product, so wallbuilders.com or you can just look up founder’s Bible online. I mentioned that it was 15 stories. So that’s legends of Liberty. That’s the 15 stories dicey. Langston, Jackie Robinson. Moe Berg, he was the spy, the catcher, the major league catcher that was a spy. He actually took the pictures that Jimmy Doolittle used in for his rate in world war II of Japan. Anyway, so cool stories.

Rick Green (01:07:11):

This one, it’s a bunch of different authors. So David Barton, cliff Graham, Rick Green, Gary Newell, Brad Stein, Chris Dunham Cameron green writes one of those. She does civil Luddington in there. Alexandra Murphy does dicey. Langston, my son Trey does. Moberg. so it’s a, it’s a, let’s see. I, you know what? I should read my own press. Did a teen legend 12 voices, one purpose. We want to live like legends, learn from legends, live like legends. So cool. And they can find that on Patriot Academy. And that one’s kind of that one. Some of those stories are faction, the, the, the kind of been her style and then summer by biographical. So it’s a mix. They’re all only like eight or 10, 12 pages each.

Speaker 7 (01:07:46):

Okay. Awesome. So legends, that’s the, that’s the one we weren’t talking about, but that’s the way to learn too. And that you complained. I’m sorry, I get excited about these tools and then I sound like that’s why you’re here. We have marshals here, my five-year-old, love that show. Oh, you know, after that we had they did their own like revolutionary war reenactment in the backyard.

Rick Green (01:08:16):

Love it. It’s so fun because it wasn’t, did you play Washington? Did they get to shoot you with paint ball guy? I was making dinner, watching them out the window, but that’s, it was, so is it spurred, like you said, it got them excited about history and it brought it to life for them. So I just, I highly recommend everybody go find that. Yeah. We learned so much about people. We did. And you know, the other thing, we gained a respect for the park service people and, and the museum director, all those people that are the keepers of the key, we call them in the show. They, I mean, they literally preserve that history for us. And, and that is the last piece of advice I’ll give until questions anyway. Th that parents vacation with a purpose, like pick your spots and go, okay, yeah, we’re going to do what the kids might perceive is really fun to go to this amusement park or whatever.

Rick Green (01:09:03):

But while we’re here, we’re going to go to this battlefield or we’re going to go to this museum, or whatever it might be. And if you want to try to keep it from being boring, you can use Jason American legends. Like if you’re going to go to, so you’re gonna go to the reenactment and in Boston and watch the shot heard round the world on that whole thing. We’ll watch the episode ahead of time. And that way when the kids get there and they see it, they’re like, Oh yeah, that’s where this happened. Or pastor Clark did this or his certain, you know, whatever it might be. So there’s ways to make it fun and not just go to a boring battlefield. Watch one of these episodes or other, other tools out there before you go to vacation with a purpose. That’s such a great way for your kids to remember, cause they can read it all day. But if they go there and they stand on that soil, they’ll never forget. Yeah. That is so, so cool. Instead of giving our money to Disney, who is, you know, insistent on opposing everything that God’s word stands for, let’s, let’s do something with a purpose. I love that so much. I’m gonna get, I’m gonna get some letters from that truth. Truth gets letters. The truth hurts. Sometimes I’ll get at least one piece of hate mail for me to interview. I know I didn’t do my job.

Rick Green (01:10:09):

Oh goodness. Okay. Couple more questions. So we listed resources, family discounts someone’s asking, and I think this is about the crash course. They don’t see an option for Missouri for, if your association is not on there, if you would email your association and ask them to become a part of it, then then we’ll get them, we’ll get them signed up and if they’re not or we just couldn’t find their people or whatever it is you know, then, then there is the option to just pay for it. But but we would love to get Missouri on there. I don’t remember. I’ll have to ask Kay. What, why we don’t have them on there, but we’d love to get them. So yeah, if you’re, if yours isn’t listed, please email them and email us and say, Hey, this is my association.

Rick Green (01:10:47):

Can you try to get them involved? And some associations don’t even have dues there. So it’s a, it’s a little bit different. And so for them, you know, we, we, we are actually giving them a coupon code so that we give them part of the revenue, even though they didn’t have dues, we kicked that back to them so that they’re making something on this. Right. Awesome. Yeah. And that’s what people don’t realize how much that association is responsible for their freedom to be able to old school and what great tools they have. All these people that have been thrown into this, they’re like, do I do well,

Speaker 7 (01:11:14):

These state associations is people that have been educated at home for decades and they’re saying, we’re here to help. We know how to do this and we know how to coach you on this. So get involved in one. Yes, for sure. We talk a lot about state homeschool organizations on this show because, you know, like I said, Aby is on the board of directors for Homeschool Idaho and we worked very closely with the Alliance and the Alliance is the group of state organizations kind of all together. And, and then, and then there’s Texas who is a state organization of their own. Cause you guys are like your own country. We are, I mean it’s just absolutely incredible to see what these state organizations are doing. And so for sure, especially because pretty much I think until now, so for all of the conventions have of course been canceled.

Speaker 7 (01:12:01):

And that’s really the bread and butter of those organizations who really do work to fight for the rights of each state to keep our homeschooling freedoms. And so they are so very important. But if I could do an infomercial for them next year when the conventions come back, go to the convention folks, you know, even if even if every piece of curriculum you could have bought it online and, and not saved or saved or whatever, just the comradery, I’m telling you the experience of being there for a couple of days with likeminded folks that are in the same boat you are from all over your state. I mean, I get chills right now even thinking about it because it just, it sends you home with hope. You go, wow, I’m not the only one. You get to have great conversations with people. It’ll just encourage you.

Speaker 7 (01:12:45):

I’m telling you, go to those conventions. They’re a blessing. They really are. Yeah. Well I said at the very beginning of, of this interview that you were the keynote at the California state homeschool convention that Garritt and I went to 10 years ago almost. And that, that was what turned the tide for us. I mean that really was, it was literally two days of just learning and, and having our eyes open and going, okay, wow, this is so different than what we thought it was going to be. And so, and that was all put on by CHEA, which is the you know, Christian Home Educators Association of California and they were fantastic. I was afraid you were going to say it was a great convention and you were there. And in spite of what you said, despite of that someone’s asking also what about HSLDA?

Speaker 7 (01:13:35):

Are there are, are they, if someone’s a member, I think they’re asking if they’re a member of HSLDA. Is there a discount available? It’s funny you asked that cause we just had a staff meeting right before I got on with you guys. And that was one of our questions that I said. Oh my gosh, I forgot. We got to get HSLDA. So they were reaching out to the aisle this afternoon. Literally Kate and Mike Farris is a good friend of mine. I can’t believe I forgot to do. Of course he’d have to do as much with them any, any more. Now these do an ADF, but yeah. Yeah, we love HSLDA and, and we will try to get that done for you in time before Monday. So hopefully if you would email them, they’re so big they may not get, but we’re hoping that they’ll, that they’ll do it as well because we’re dues paying members to them too and, and,

Rick Green (01:14:12):

And we want to honor that for sure.

Yvette Hampton (01:14:13):

Okay. Awesome. So, so keep looking. Yeah. If you don’t see your state organization on there to sign up yet for the crash course on Patriot Academy, keep going on and looking over the next few days and see if your state organization or HSLDA.

Rick Green (01:14:29):

Click on the email for if you’ll email support@patriotacademy.com will Kate or is probably the one that’ll, that’ll email you on that or talk to you on that. But or you can just email kay@patriotacademy.com. Sorry Kay. We’re going to fill your inbox.

Yvette Hampton (01:14:44):

Yeah, no, that’s awesome. Well, we’ll keep looking at that and you know, let me just give that push too. It costs a lot of money to put on things like this. I think people tend to think, well it’s all online and it’s just a video. It doesn’t cost anything at all. That is not the truth. It actually, there is a lot of cost and a lot of time, I mean countless hours that go into putting on an event like this. And so you know, if you don’t see your state organization on there or HSL da or even if you do consider paying the $40 for this course because it’s definitely worth it. I mean, that’s a great price for it. And I would say just just bless Patriot Academy and their ministry and what they’re doing and support them because they are out just like state organizations supporting you and helping to keep the freedoms that we have as homeschoolers and training. I mean, it’s so amazing what you’re doing. You are literally helping to train up the next generation and you’ve been training up the past couple of generations of, of young people. Well, we determined at the beginning of this that you’re only four years older than me, so I’m not all there for, you’re not all then, you know, obviously just a couple of years behind me. So we’re all good.

Rick Green (01:15:54):

You are right though. And I was going to say, you know, don’t forget that these associations, I mean Patriot, we’re all in the same boat, right? Yeah. Everybody that gets revenue from public speaking and events and all that kind of stuff, none of that. I mean, you’re talking significant, significant hits. And, and a lot of those homeschooled speakers and trainers, I mean, I, you know, that don’t have a, an association that they’re part of that helped me get through this and they’re hurting right now. And if you have a favorite homeschool speaker that you hear every year, you know, jump on their website and make a small donation and we love you. And we know this is a tough, tough time and a tough year for you. I mean, and part of the reason we’re doing everything for free right now is because we know everybody’s kind of in that boat, right?

Rick Green (01:16:35):

Because I mean, you don’t know a lot of our homeschool parents right now, they don’t know what kind of job they’re going to have at the middle of this and they don’t know what the finances are going to look like. And so we get that and we’re kind of all in this thing together for sure. I was just thinking too as you were describing that one of the questions we’ve been getting, I don’t know if anybody’s asked this, is if you miss a day, can you, can you watch a recording? And the answer is yes. We’re going to have, we’re going to record each session and leave those recordings available. You’ll get an email the next day with a link and so throughout may you’ll have access to all, all of those episodes. Perfect.

Yvette Hampton (01:17:06):

That is awesome. So in, thank you Lisa. You are so I love your sweet comment. You said, thanks for having these videos, this resources for us. The Homegrown Generation Family Expo and Schoolhouse Rocked. You guys are awesome. Well we are, we are awesome by God’s grace. It is not us, just me. I’m really not that awesome. We serve a really, really awesome God. That is exactly right. We serve a big God who’s doing normal things. I can always see the pile of laundry sitting right next to me and my studio and Aby is pile and laundry behind her, but we’ll just pretend like those aren’t there. So, well, Rick, you are an incredible blessing and incredible encouragement and thank you for the resources that you have have offered. We are so grateful for you and your ministry and for your family, you know, tell your family too. They have had a huge impact on our family, on Aby’s family. And I know on many other, one day I want to meet Kara because yeah,

Rick Green (01:18:04):

She’s the brains of the operation. I’m telling you, she’s not used the best looking in the whole crew. She’s thought so the brains of the group too. Now she holds our whole family together for sure. And that’s why when I said earlier though, respect for homeschool moms has gone through the roof since everybody else has been thrust in that situation. You know, I see it every day with her and I, and I noticed the same in y’alls house and all those, all the homeschool families listening right now, if there’s any kids listening to be thankful, be thankful for those parents because you are, you, you don’t realize how blessed you are to be homeschooled. And the older you get, the more you’re going to recognize. Wow, I’m so glad my parents were willing to invest in me in that way.

Yvette Hampton (01:18:41):

Yeah. And I was coming from a former homeschooler and I like to circle back with, with that is you said, and I wrote this down, this is not a sacrifice. This is an investment. And I think that’s so important for us as families to know because sometimes it feels, you know, that that’s, that’s beautiful. So thank you for that encouragement.

Rick Green (01:19:01):

Well, thank my mama. She’s the one that came up with that one. That’s a beautiful one. And one last question I think here at tasking, this is the hotel done Rick. Oh man, the hotel. That’s right. Episode. What is that nine we did the come and take it. The Gonzalez story. Yes, it’s, it’s done. We still have it. We realized very quickly there’s, it’s really hard to run a small boutique hotel when you’re traveling around the nation or you know, 200 days out of the year. So anyway, we still have it. We have great friend down there that runs it for us and it’s for sale. If anybody wants to own it, it’s all, it’s Texas where the show, you know, the Texas revolution began. I know what it is.

Yvette Hampton (01:19:40):

Nice. And if someone wants to know what you’re talking about, they can sign up for the crash course and watch episode nine, learn all about it. So awesome. Well, thank you you guys. Thank you for watching. Thank you for joining us for this session. It’s always so much fun seeing your comments and questions on the other end there. And Aby, thank you for joining me as well again tonight. My dear, dear friends. We’d love you guys. And we will be back next week with another very exciting session of the Homegrown Generation Family Expo.

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