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2023 Sessions

Day 1 – Starting Strong

  1. Opening Session – Building a Godly legacy one family at a time! Yvette Hampton & Garritt Hampton
  2. Sanity Savers for Homeschool Moms – Kristi Clover
  3. How to Die to Yourself and Live to Tell About It – Rachael Carman.

Day 2 – Building Your Homeschool to Endure

  1. Avoiding and Recovering from Homeschool Mistakes – Israel Wayne
  2. Homeschooling: A God-Centered Revival that Begins in Your Living Room – Zan Tyler
  3. When More Is Less: A Call to Simplicity in Your Schedule, Your Home, and Your Children’s Education – Sonya Shafer
  4. Hope Is Alive! Rick Green
  5. Teaching the Constitution – Rick Green
  6. Roundtable – What about Dad? Davis Carman, Garritt Hampton, Todd Wilson, Yvette Hampton (Host)

Day 3 – Building an Enduring Legacy

  1. Nurturing Competent Communicators – Andrew Pudewa
  2. Culture Proofing our Families – Meeke Addison
  3. Biblical Authority in the Marketplace of Ideas – Dr. Georgia Purdom
  4. Quick Answers to Social Issues – Bryan Osborne
  5. Roundtable – Veteran Homeschool Moms Answer Your Questions – Yvette Hampton (host), Ana Willis, Nancy Manos, Ann Troast

Day 4 – Go Forth!

  1. Roundtable – Keeping up Without Losing Your Mind – Aby Rinella (host), Abbie Halberstadt, Allison Owen, Elizabeth Parsons
  2. Rescuing Our Children – Alex Newman
  3. Homeschooling Free from Fear – Caleb Schroeder
  4. Your Playbook for Happier Parents, Smarter Kids, and Stronger Families – Sam Sorbo
  5. Go Forth: What Do We Do NOW? – Yvette Hampton and Aby Rinella
  6. Bonus Session – No More Mom Guilt – Durenda Wilson

2020 Sessions

Day 1 – A Firm Foundation

  1. Off to a Great Start! Getting Started in Homeschooling – Kristi Clover
  2. However Imperfectly: Lessons Learned from Thirty Years of Teaching – Andrew Pudewa
  3. Freedomship and Entrepreneurial Education – Andrew Pudewa
  4. Biblical Principles for a Healthy Nation – Kirk Cameron
  5. Fearless Homeschooling: How to Ignore the Critics and Do What’s Best for Your Child – Heidi St. John
  6. Preserving America for the Next Generation – Kathy Barnette
  7. What about “That” Child? Rachael Carman
  8. Roundtable: A Firm Foundation – Rachael Carman, Misty Bailey, Jamie Erickson, Yvette Hampton (Host)

Day 2 – Homeschooling Encouragement for the Journey

  1. Real Homeschool: Letting Go of the Pinterest-Perfect and Instagram-Ideal Homeschool – Karen DeBeus
  2. Remaining Steadfast During High School – Connie Albers
  3. Mary and Martha Decide to Homeschool – A Workshop for Marys Only! Linda Lacour Hobar
  4. Lies Homeschoolers Believe – Todd Wilson
  5. I Don’t Have Enough Patience to Homeschool – Brook Wayne
  6. Avoid Homeschool Burn Out: Practical Tips for Homeschool Success – Sharon Fisher
  7. Roundtable: Homeschooling Encouragement for the Journey – Kim Sorgius, Davis Carman, Caleb Schroeder, Aby Rinella (Host)
  8. What’s Going On?!?! Homeschooling Updates and Encouragement in Uncertain Times – Aby Rinella

Day 3 – Family

  1. Lessons I Learned Within the Walls of My Home – Kirk Cameron
  2. Reaching the Heart of Your Child – Ginger Hubbard
  3. Family-Based Discipleship – Israel Wayne
  4. Nurturing Sibling Relationships – Durenda Wilson
  5. Impacting The Next Generation with the Gospel – Meeke Addison
  6. Homeschooling Boys! Encouragement and Advice – Durenda Wilson
  7. Raising Them Up: Biblical Parenting – Israel Wayne
  8. Roundtable: Family – Ginger Hubbard, Durenda Wilson, Israel Wayne, Scott LaPierre, Aby Rinella (Host)
  9. Date Night with Sam and Kevin Sorbo: Secrets to a Joy-Filled Marriage

Day 4 – Homeschooling Styles and Methods

  1. The Power Hour: Using the four Rs as the building blocks for the most effective hour of your day – Pam Barnhill
  2. 5 Lifeschooling Hacks (+ 1 Big Secret) to Conquering Homeschool Burnout – Danielle Papageorgiou
  3. Charlotte Mason Education in the 21st Century – Ana Willis
  4. 100 Books that make Classical Literature Approachable – Leigh Bortins
  5. Homeschooling Multiple Ages – September McCarthy
  6. The Many Faces of Giftedness – Colleen Kessler
  7. Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner with Confidence – Peggy Ployhar
  8. Roundtable: Making Homeschool FUN! Trish Corlew, Pam Barnhill, Aby Rinella

Day 5 – Let’s Go!

  1. Why Homeschooling Matters – Getting to the Heart of Homeschooling – Aby Rinella
  2. 7 Essential Tools for Developing Self-Motivated Children – Jeannie Fulbright
  3. De-Stressing Your Homeschool: Creative Ideas and Encouragement for Actively Involving Grandparents – Barb and Rich Heki
  4. They’re YOUR Kids! Sam Sorbo
  5. Roundtable: Let’s Go! Sam Sorbo, James Gottry, Kristi Clover, Aby Rinella, Yvette Hampton (Host)